A Foundation of Learning

At DU, we’re creating a better future, for all. We offer students the opportunity to build the skills, knowledge and perspective to make a difference in our world and create real, lasting change.

From our classrooms and labs in the city of Denver to our one-of-a-kind campus in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, we foster a Four-Dimensional Experience that focuses on intellectual growth, well-being, character and career skill-building. Here, you'll be part of a culture that enriches every member of the DU community and advances the greater good. 

We believe in a Four-Dimensional Experience; we want you to make your impact on the world, and we want to give you the tools to do it, right here at DU.


Two Campuses, One DU

Every DU student receives a Four-Dimensional Experience at our Denver campus—125 grassy, sun-kissed acres just minutes from downtown Denver—and at our inspiring mountain campus nestled in the Colorado Rockies.

You'll draw on Denver's thriving startup scene and vibrant arts culture and learn why it's one of the best cities in the nation for new careers—and why over 70% of our undergraduates decide to make Colorado their home after graduation. At the same time, the Kennedy Mountain Campus will offer you the chance to reflect, connect and explore Colorado's stunning natural landscapes.

Through this unique, two-campus learning experience, you will enjoy new and exciting opportunities to build life-long bonds with your peers and apply and deepen the knowledge you gain in our classrooms. You will connect to a sense of confidence in yourself, the value of your skills and your ability to change the world.

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You Belong Here

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It's Your Future

Be Ready for a Dynamic World

Start Creating Your Plan

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Making a Difference

For a Better Tomorrow

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Greet the Future with Confidence

With a Four-Dimensional Experience, you will graduate with more than a degree. You will build a comprehensive and dynamic set of skills that will serve you throughout your entire life. You will leave DU knowing the value you bring to every opportunity, confident in your ability to make a difference in your life, your communities and the world.

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