The James C. Kennedy Mountain Campus

An Elevated Vision

At the James C. Kennedy Mountain campus at the University of Denver, all students immerse themselves in the holistic approach to education that sets DU apart: the 4D Experience. The four integrated dimensions—advancing intellectual growth, exploring character, promoting well-being and pursuing lives and careers of purpose—will guide every program and activity on the mountain, just as they do on our urban campus.

The Kennedy Mountain Campus is for the entire DU community, and all students—from those studying music to those exploring the sciences—have an opportunity to engage with this space throughout their time at DU. Here, there is something for every learner to expand upon and apply to their studies on DU’s urban campus. Thanks to the generosity of our donors and supporters, these experiences are available with no additional financial burden to our students or their families.

With the creation of the Kennedy Mountain Campus, we are the only university to integrate both an urban and a mountain campus, offering the opportunity for every student to grow in multiple dimensions in order to lead lives of purpose, for themselves and for the greater good. 

“I was willing to get out of my comfort zone. I had no idea how to do rock climbing, but the instructors [were] patient and helpful… The height was scary at first, but once I found my balance, I made it.”

Qingyu Zhou, Class of '22
student, from back, in front of climbing wall
aerial view of mountain campus

The Mountain Campus

Just a two-hour drive from DU's urban campus, the Kennedy Mountain Campus is situated on 720 acres of pristine wilderness adjacent to the Roosevelt National Forest. The stunning natural environment provides a contemplative wilderness setting where all community members can retreat from the city to enjoy unique and meaningful programming. From the miles of existing trails that allow students to explore the property's pine and aspen forests to the winterized and seasonal cabins where they will stay, from the activities center that hosts communal experiences to the amphitheater that creates opportunities for artistic expression, and from the ropes course to the rec center's rock wall that stimulate leadership development and physical and mental growth—each of the spaces provides an opportunity for students to meaningfully grow and lean into DU’s 4D Experience.

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