无论你走多远, 你与DU的关系仍然是社区的来源, 联系与成长. Get information about alumni organizations, events, career 和 专业发展 和 more.







MG线上电子游戏校友遍布美国的每一个角落.S. state 和 145 countries, so wherever you find yourself, you're near a fellow Pioneer.

  • 校友理事会

    DU’s 校友理事会 is dedicated to serving the DU alumni population 和 fostering a lifelong relationship of mutual 和 enduring benefit between all present 和 future alumni of DU 和 the University.


  • 丹佛的校友

    Our local chapter serves alumni on the Front Range 和 in the Greater Denver area 和 organizes events ranging from 专业发展 seminars to happy hour gatherings. We also have a local Young 校友 group that keeps graduates under 30 involved with the University 和 the alumni community.


  • ACTION的校友

    我们的校友行动(倡导合作,通过包容性卓越, 拓展和网络)支持黑人, 亚洲, 土著和拉丁裔社区通过促进教育, 倡导和支持. ACTION的校友 bring together alumni 和 students of color to foster an inclusive community.


  • 国家 & 国际网络

    杜克大学的校友网络非常广泛. Our regional chapters keep alumni connected to the University 和 to their fellow Pioneers through activities ranging from 专业发展 events to volunteer opportunities. 分会遍布全国各大城市.

    国家 & 国际网络

  • 校友网上社区

    Consult the 校友网上社区 to find old friends 和 make your own information available.


  • MG线上电子游戏学生基金

    The MG线上电子游戏学生基金 provides grants for projects intended to improve the student experience 和 promote sustainability. Current students partner with distinguished alumni to develop tomorrow's leaders. 该新MG线上电子游戏依靠外部捐款来推进这些项目.






菜 & 社区

校友 Ben Jacobs 和 Matt Jones are working to address the severe lack of restaurants serving Native American food by fostering community, 通过他们的餐厅Tocabe了解和文化交流.


新MG线上电子游戏校友Mohammad Javad Zarif

University of Denver alumnus 和 Iran's minister of foreign affairs Mohammad Javad Zarif received the Chatham House Prize for his role in promoting international peace by helping limit Iran's nuclear capabilities.


职业生涯 & 专业发展

校友的职业 & 专业发展 is dedicated to helping our graduates succeed through all phases of their careers. 通过提供资源, 培训和与校友联系的机会, we ensure the DU community can flourish personally 和 professionally to improve the world around them.

  • 先锋的职业

    先锋的职业 is an exclusive DU jobs database that allows alumni to recruit fellow Pioneers 和 to search for openings at such companies as MGM, 艾睿电子和丰田.

    先锋事业(du).12个二十.com)可以使用您的先锋ID访问. You can obtain your DU ID number from the Office of 校友 Relations by emailing us at alumni@antirungkat.net 或者叫我们 303-871-2701.

  • 专业发展

    我们为校友提供各种专业发展机会, 包括简历方面的专业帮助, 求职信和面试策略. 除了, we host seminars that provide insight on topics like personal br和ing 和 salary negotiation. We also hold career events aimed specifically at women through our DU Women's Professional Alliance Series.


  • DU求职板

    有兴趣在母校找份工作? 你可以在求职公告栏上查询本校的空缺职位.


  • 社交媒体 & 网络

    校友fire是MG线上电子游戏的草根校友网络社区, where Pioneers can go to find 和 share career information as well as network with others in their fields. 我们在各个平台上也保持着活跃的校友群体. 与我们的社交账号联系,了解社会事件, 看方, 职业发展机会和慈善新闻.

  • 在线培训 & 专业发展

    If you can't make it to one of our 专业发展 events in person, you can still take advantage of over 130 webinars taught by nationally recognized career experts.

    在线培训 & 专业发展


除了 to an array of opportunities for both 专业发展 和 social connections, 我们的校友可以享受许多其他福利. 校友可享受的折扣和福利包括:

  • 纽曼中心演出和体育赛事的折扣门票
  • 在库尔斯健身中心降低会员价格
  • Special offers 和 discounts at more than 40 businesses in the DU neighborhood through the 杜区 卡
  • 通过DU书店购买可享受9折优惠
  • 首选合作伙伴定价 Schomp汽车
  • 图书馆的借阅和借阅服务
  • 设施租金优惠



We're proud to offer our alumni opportunities to contribute to the public good well after they've finished their college careers.

  • Our AmplifyDU news updates will deliver chances to volunteer directly to your inbox.
  • Pioneer Connect connects thous和s of alumni 和 fosters the type of community that can b和 together to make a difference.
  • You can sign up for an interview through our 校友 Discovery Initiative 和 lend your knowledge to the next generation of graduates.

想参与进来吗?? 在校友周末期间加入我们的全球服务日. 除了, we provide interested alumni with the chance to stay informed about opportunities to participate in career coaching, 活动组织, 社区项目和其他各种志愿活动.